Zika: Get Sun And Sprayed On Miami Beach
Silhouette of surfer perfoming in Australia with back light at sunset - Young man riding the wave in pacific ocean - Extreme sport concept - Soft focus on him - Warm filter with sun flare

Zika: Get Sun And Sprayed On Miami Beach

What's worse, the Zika or the spray? A Florida man documents Miami's spraying has compromised his health and left scores of other life forms (other than mosquitoes) dead or dying. Welcome To Zika Miami Beach 2016.

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6 Medical Myths Busted

The great fallacy is that things that make you feel good are bad for you. Do the things that feel good, and you may live longer! Find out how these six beliefs are actually false and you may find yourself a little bit freer!

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The Myth Of Milk
Portrait of beautiful fashion woman drinking milk from the bottle with straw on dark background

The Myth Of Milk

Even if clean and pure, is cow's milk fit for humans to consume at all?

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