The Inception Of Synthia

From Madonna to roundworms, genomes contain all the information needed to build an organism. This is a story of a biotech genius who went on to do just that after struggling with his own existence. The implications of his reassembling life's codes are profound, both good and bad.

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Telomeres: Immortality Hidden In Your DNA
Chromosome isolated on white background. with depth of field effect, scientific concept. 3d illustration

Telomeres: Immortality Hidden In Your DNA

The Telomere Length Analysis is the most accurate assessment in comparing your biological age chronological age. Understanding these numbers can determine what the next steps will be in in providing you with a extensive and healthy life.

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6 Ways to Boost Your Immune System With Methylation
attractive young sport man training his body doing push up exercise showing suffering and sacrifice face expression isolated on white background

6 Ways to Boost Your Immune System With Methylation

Methylation is a complex process that contributes to how well our immune system functions. Here are some tips as to how we can boost methylation and become stronger and healthier.

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