Giant Greenhouse Skyscrapers Emerge

Sweden is now building the world's first "plantscraper" in an attempt to create a new era of farming that's more sustainable, economical, and resistant to climate change.

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Tired Of Being Tired

These days, we are great at ignoring our body’s signals. Much of our lives is training our minds to pretend our bodies aren’t tired, so we can be more productive. Here's a look at why this is wrong.

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How To Grow A Burger

Thanks to advances in cell cultivation, researchers are closer than ever to growing real, edible meat in labs. And those Franken-burgers (and Franken-nuggets) might just help save the planet.

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Boost Your Kids’ Grades, With Exercise!

We all know getting your kids to run around the playground and join a sports team is great for their physical health. But now, there's plenty of evidence showing exercise can give your kids a serious mental boost as well.

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10 Life-Changing Facts About Anger

Sure, it's normal to get angry. But if anger causes problems in your life—if it interferes with your health and happiness—then you might want to consider these 10 life-changing facts.

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