6 Reasons To March Against Monsanto!

Thousands of people in 250 cities around the world will join Saturday's big March Against Monsanto. If you’re debating finding an event near you, here are 6 reasons to convince you to hit the streets!

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Attention Starbucks Addicts: Danger Ahead?

On a particularly naughty double-dipping day at Starbucks, HoneyColony's Jamie Weiss noticed a strange sign on the front counter. So what exactly is Proposition 65, and why does it sound like this coffee comes with a side of cancer?

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Shipwreck In A Bottle

That "pure mountain spring water" from the store is usually just tap water—or worse. Here's a look at the shady $22 billion bottled water industry, and what we're really drinking.

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The Cosmetics Wars

The Cosmetics Wars By Mark Bittman, New York Times If all goes according to schedule, next month the European Union will become “cruelty-free,” banning without exception the sale of cosmetics ingredients that…

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