The CBD Takeover: Big Pharma Makes Its Move with Epidiolex

Is the era of affordable, effective CBD oil coming to an end? Caught between CBD politics and Big Pharma's backing of the Federal Drug Administration, the industrial hemp industry, as well as thousands of chronic disease sufferers, fear the worst with the likely approval of GW Pharmaceutical's Epidiolex.

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Is CBD Oil Legal? How To Get It And More
Woman with medicine dropper in the bathroom

Is CBD Oil Legal? How To Get It And More

Rest assured, hemp-based CBD is legal! Here is the lowdown on all the legal nuances on CBD, current lawsuits in progress, and all other legal issues regarding marijuana-based CBD and hemp-based CBD.

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Dismantling The Monsanto Marijuana Connection
the cannabis leaf and handcuffs

Dismantling The Monsanto Marijuana Connection

Behemoth seed company Monsanto denies its pending merger with Bayer has anything to do with a GMO marijuana monopoly. But rumored research labs in Uruguay and convenient patent connections suggests something evil is afoot.

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