The Benefits Of Yoga

Two new studies show yoga can improve irregular heartbeats and have a positive impact on mild depression, sleep problems, and more.

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A Six-Week Arthritis Cure
Acute pain in a women wrist

A Six-Week Arthritis Cure

Don't want to be one of the 16,500 Americans who unnecessarily die yearly from arthritis medications? Although these medications can sometimes be helpful, natural remedies have been shown to be more effective - and very safe.

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Walking Backward In Cairo

Read about one man's experience within the chambers of the Great Pyramid, which he likens to a journey into the farthest regions of the multiverse.

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Worried Sick: Living With Anxiety Disorders

For those with anxiety disorders, fears and worries can cause so much distress that they interfere with daily life. The anxiety grows out of proportion to the stressful situation or occurs when there is no real danger.

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