food pyramid
January 12, 2017

The Food Pyramid Rebuilt: Lobbyists Step Up To The Plate

Ever wondered about the history of the Food Pyramid? HoneyColony takes an investigative look at how the Ag Industry has (negatively) influenced our diet.

mainstream nutrition
January 10, 2017

10 Lies Spread By Mainstream Nutrition

Mainstream nutrition can’t stop telling lies that may lead you straight to obesity and disease. Here’s a look at some seriously bad advice that’s been completely refuted by science.

January 30, 2015

Pistachios: 8 Health Benefits To Go Nuts For

The pistachio is one of the two nuts mentioned in the Bible, but even more interesting than humanity’s love affair with them are the many health benefits they offer.

August 20, 2013

What You Need To Know About Farmed Shrimp

The latest research shows this seafood favorite may be wildly contaminated. Don’t eat it unless it comes from these locations…