Healthy Men Stay Horny And Live Longer
Young couple makes love to the wall

Healthy Men Stay Horny And Live Longer

Men in good shape have better sex more often—no matter how old they are. Better yet, new numbers also show a healthier sex drive could add years to your life in the long run. What's not to love?

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Long Live The Queen Bee

The queen bee is a fascinating creature. And now researchers have discovered that they share a lot more nuanced information through their pheromones than originally believed.

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Nourishing Intimacy, Part 1
Sexy woman looking something at fridge

Nourishing Intimacy, Part 1

Experts believe your food affects your sex drive. Looking for the right edibles and actions to enhance connection and sexual vitality? Maybe you should look to a husband-and-wife team who combine cooking with counseling.

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Pillow Talk

Come hither, ladies! All-natural sexpert Dr. Laurie Steelsmith shares her wisdom to get you in touch with your sensual self. Learn how to put an end to “libido limbo,” the benefits of a vaginal cone, and whether sex really is better in Hawaii.

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