How To Get Really Wet Naturally: 6 Simple Ways

Studies have shown that sexual dysfunction is more common among women than men, and that 50 percent of women report issues with staying wet naturally. So what happens when your lady parts don’t behave the way you want them to? Why do some women have a hard time getting wet?

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PMS Diet: 8 Foods That Help Relieve Symptoms (And 5 That Don’t)
Portrait young woman hands on stomach and back having bad aches pain isolated on gray background. Food poisoning, influenza, cramps. Negative emotion face expression reaction health issues problem

PMS Diet: 8 Foods That Help Relieve Symptoms (And 5 That Don’t)

Did you know that certain foods can either alleviate PMS symptoms or make them much worse? Here are some vital tips as to guide you to picking a PMS diet that allows you feel your best during that 'ol time of the month

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