6 Medical Myths Busted

The great fallacy is that things that make you feel good are bad for you. Do the things that feel good, and you may live longer! Find out how these six beliefs are actually false and you may find yourself a little bit freer!

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Beating Osteoporosis With Nutrition
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Beating Osteoporosis With Nutrition

There are plenty of natural ways to dramatically and safely make your bones stronger. The only problem is most physicians aren't aware of them!

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8 Natural PMS Cures

Have you needed to change your plans because of premenstrual syndrome? Here are some solid, effective and natural ways to remedy hormonal imbalances.

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Is D the Next Get-Thin Vitamin?

If you’ve been struggling to get rid of that extra 10 or 15 pounds, the “sunshine” vitamin just might be the missing link! Discover the wonderful benefits of Vitamin D!

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