July 25, 2017

Moonbathing: Regulating Your Period With The Moon  

Moonbathing can help women regulate their periods and balance fertility, as well as tons of other benefits. Discover how this romantic pastime can be replicated indoors, and put women in touch with their feminine powers.


human extinction
July 21, 2017

7 Signs That We’re On The Brink of Human Extinction

The bees are dying, climate change is swerving out of control, there’s a lot of political unrest, which screams nuclear war, and so many other issues… Are we on the verge of human extinction?

gut health
July 15, 2017

Trust Your Gut Health: 10 New Ways To Combat Stress

You may not know it, but your gut is talking to your brain incessantly. Find out what the chatter is all about and how these conversations equate to better cognitive health for you.