7 Incredible Benefits Of The AMPK Enzyme

Researchers and self-hackers are constantly searching for answers to an important question: How can humans combat the dreaded aging process and increase longevity? Surprisingly, they are discovering that one answer lies within an energy balancing enzyme that already exists in each and every one of your trillions of cells -- the AMPK enzyme.

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Mad For NAD+ — 4 Ways To Reverse Aging
Close up portrait young beauty woman face grid

Mad For NAD+ — 4 Ways To Reverse Aging

It's called NAD+ and is getting researchers and users excited for its myriad of health benefits including looking and feeling younger. Find out here what NAD+ can do for you and how to get more of it in your system.

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Can’t Beat Chronic Infections? Try Busting Biofilms
Acute appendicitis and close-up view of bacteria in appendix, the causative agent of appendicitis, 3D illustration

Can’t Beat Chronic Infections? Try Busting Biofilms

Chronic infections can be resistant to even the best natural and integrative antimicrobial protocols. While you have not heard of them, biofilms are at the root. Read on to find out how we can beat biofilm-producing infections with natural therapies.

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