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Solve Pesky Hormonal Imbalances With DUTCH Testing
Hormonal imbalances are often associated with raging emotions and lackluster libidos. But, the reality is our hormones are significantly more important to our health than we give them credit for....
107 Benefits of Glo Adaptogenic Beauty Superfood
Equilibrium Glo Adaptogenic Beauty Superfood fusion is a carefully curated, nourishing beauty supplement that promotes youthful and radiant looking skin from within.
Most Sugary Sodas Linked To Higher Mortality Rates … Again
In the eyes of popular culture, most sugary sodas are typically associated with fun times or a quick energy boost. But in truth, they're linked to death. Scientific evidence illustrates...
A New Victory In The Fight Against Opioids
After years of a worsening opioid abuse epidemic that has reduced life expectancy in the USA, Oklahoma pursued the first case against Johnson & Johnson – and won. On Monday,...
6 Surprising Benefits Of Castor Oil Packs On Your Well Being
As a naturopathic doctor, the number one thing I recommend to patients as a daily practice is castor oil packs.
Does Fluoride Impair Brain Development?
A new study adds to the case against fluoride’s safe and popular image. It turns out that high levels of exposure can lower children’s IQ.
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