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Do You Really Need Cardiovascular Surgery?
The diagnosis of cardiovascular disease eventually means the need for surgery to improve heart health. But what if there was another way?
With Superbugs On The Rise Should We Be Afraid Of Antibiotic Resistance?
As NPR reports, when retired nurse Mary Millard had heart surgery, a contaminated instrument left her with septic shock and a lifelong Pseudomonas infection. These bacteria no longer respond to...
The Harmful Effects Of Stress On The Gut Microbiome
Stress is destroying your gut and health.
Why You Should Substitute Refined Sugar With Blackstrap Molasses
If you want to avoid the potential health risks of refined sugar and artificial sweeteners, consider the all-natural blackstrap molasses.
Zantac May Cause Cancer In Another Blow For Big Pharma
With over 15 million prescriptions every year, no one suspected that the popular heartburn drug Zantac could cause serious harm.
Is The Samoan Measles Outbreak Fabricated? Mass Vaccination Prevails/ Inquiry Shelved
Could it be because the Samoan government is engaged in a cover-up? Quite possibly. It’s also feasible that the vaccine manufacturers don’t want it known that their product is harming...
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sperm trying to reach an egg due to infertility

What Lies Beneath Infertility

Infertility is on the rise. And with 5G spreading across the planet, losing the ability to reproduce won’t be the only upcoming health crisis.



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