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Reverse Inflammaging To Fight Infection Today
The coronavirus pandemic has disproportionately affected older adults, with more than three-quarters of deaths recorded among people over 65. The average age of death from COVID-19 is 75.5, with Massachusetts...
Stress Hormones And The Mind-Body Connection
It’s safe to say that the coronavirus pandemic has us all on edge, as demonstrated by reports of increased depression and anxiety. The added stress comes in many forms: social...
Vitamin K Is More Than Okay For Immune Support And Respiratory Health
New research shows that severe and fatal COVID-19 infections may be linked to low levels of vitamin K. So what can vitamin K do for us?
Stem Cell Clinical Trials: The Amazing Race To Treat COVID-19
Can stem cells treat COVID-19? Clinical trials are being ran now to see if alternative methods are available for fighting COVID-19.
Can The Flu Shot Really Help Us Live Longer?
The social pressure to receive a flu shot affects many of us every year. It gets worse if we are over 65, work in healthcare, or have certain chronic illnesses....
Whistleblower Dr. Judy Mikovits Speaks Out Again
The controversies surrounding vaccines and viruses, in particular the new coronavirus, just keep on coming. However, without whistleblowers, we may be at risk of the rich and powerful doing more...
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Can CBD Treat PCOS Naturally?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common but painful condition. It can be debilitating and cause problems with fertility. Pharmaceutical treatments can have side effects