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What Is Natural Immunity?: The Body’s Defense 
Natural immunity protects against a variety of invaders you unknowingly confront. It’s your innate line of defense to stay healthy.
Could Phage Therapy Solve The Antibiotics Crisis?
We desperately need new treatments that are more effective and kinder to the human body. Could phage therapy be the answer?
Can You Use Methylene Blue To Treat Methemoglobinemia?
Methylene blue may be a safe and effective treatment for methemoglobinemia, viral infections, and poor cognition. 
Seen Anyone Drop Like A Raggedy Doll Lately?
We should question the raggedy doll. It’s necessary to ask questions. If not for ourselves, then at least for our kids.
NMN: A Rising Star In Anti-Aging
The benefits of NMN for cellular health may translate to prevention, or even reversal, of some age-related diseases.
How Can VIOME Gut Microbiome Testing Improve My Health?
Currently, the personalized functional medicine industry is booming. Tests for DNA, gene expression, our microbiome populations, and other markers allow you to see what’s going on inside your body and...
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