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COVID-19 Long Haulers: The Unexpected Prolonged Effects Of The Novel Coronavirus
What happens when you finally test negative for COVID-19 after a long battle to recovery, only to have lingering effects? This is the struggle that many coronavirus patients are facing...
REM Sleep: How Much Do You Really Need?
We get a lot of benefits from REM sleep, but REM Sleep is only a quarter or less of the entire time spent asleep.
Operation Quack Hack Pt 5: A Trojan Horse For Censorship
Is COVID the final stage? A trojan horse for censorship, tyranny, control, and the nail in the coffin in reshaping our lives?
Operation Quack Hack Pt 4: Medical Tyranny
In the next stage of Operation Quack Hack, cyberstalking and medical tyranny is the FDA’s response to doctors and even churches.
Modern Medicine: Should 12 Die For 1?
In modern medicine, it’s becoming difficult to find credible sources on either side of the vax controversy, especially with efficacy rate.
Operation Quack Hack Pt 3: Caught In The Crossfire Of Natural Health
Headed by the FDA, Operation Quack Hack is cyberstalking and softly terrorizing hundreds of doctors and health professionals.
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