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SAFE Banking Act Passes the House But CBD Businesses Can’t Celebrate Yet
In a significant win for hemp producers and businesses the SAFE Banking Act passsed the House on September 25.
Huawei Offers 5G Technology Licenses, But At What Cost To Our Health?
Forbidding the Chinese company Huawei from monopolizing 5G technology is more than a trade issue. It’s a way to prevent a national security threat. The use of Huawei equipment is...
Solve Pesky Hormonal Imbalances With DUTCH Testing
Hormonal imbalances are often associated with raging emotions and lackluster libidos. But, the reality is our hormones are significantly more important to our health than we give them credit for....
107 Benefits of Glo Adaptogenic Beauty Superfood
Equilibrium Glo Adaptogenic Beauty Superfood fusion is a carefully curated, nourishing beauty supplement that promotes youthful and radiant looking skin from within.
Most Sugary Sodas Linked To Higher Mortality Rates … Again
In the eyes of popular culture, most sugary sodas are typically associated with fun times or a quick energy boost. But in truth, they're linked to death. Scientific evidence illustrates...
A New Victory In The Fight Against Opioids
After years of a worsening opioid abuse epidemic that has reduced life expectancy in the USA, Oklahoma pursued the first case against Johnson & Johnson – and won. On Monday,...
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are lectins really bad

Are Lectins Really Bad Or Is It All Hype?

As with many things in the nutritional world, lectins are not fully understood. Research, however, indicates that they have a way of disrupting our bodies. As a defense mechanism crafted by Mother Nature, lectins are doing their job, but when consumed to excess, there is strong evidence that they can cause havoc. In other words, it’s possible that lectins are really bad for you if you aren’t careful about how you consume them.

How To Get Really Wet Naturally: 6 Simple Ways

Studies have shown that sexual dysfunction is more common among women than men, and that 50 percent of women report issues with staying wet naturally. So what happens when your lady parts don’t behave the way you want them to? Why do some women have a hard time getting wet?


Remote Neurofeedback: Hack Your Brain From Anywhere In The World

While living in Costa Rica in January 2019, I befriended someone who’d suffered neurological issues from cerebral malaria. Using neurofeedback, Starr was able to detect that entire regions of his brain were completely asleep, and he then used neurofeedback to help wake them up.

Golden Globes 2019

Dodging Needles At The Golden Globes 2019

During the Golden Globe 2019 telecast, hosts Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh brought out an army of workers “from the Echo Park Rite Aid,” armed with needles, to vaccinate audience members with the flu shot.

AMPK enzyme

7 Incredible Benefits Of The AMPK Enzyme

Researchers and self-hackers are constantly searching for answers to an important question: How can humans combat the dreaded aging process and increase longevity? Surprisingly, they are discovering that one answer lies within an energy balancing enzyme that already exists in each and every one of your trillions of cells — the AMPK enzyme.



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  • Hydra+ Molecular Hydrogen Ultra Dose
  • NO3URISH Ozonated Anti-Aging Moisturizer
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