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Can The Flu Shot Really Help Us Live Longer?
The social pressure to receive a flu shot affects many of us every year. It gets worse if we are over 65, work in healthcare, or have certain chronic illnesses....
Whistleblower Dr. Judy Mikovits Speaks Out Again
The controversies surrounding vaccines and viruses, in particular the new coronavirus, just keep on coming. However, without whistleblowers, we may be at risk of the rich and powerful doing more...
Coronavirus Vaccines Are Now Countermeasures
On December 19, 2006, the federal government passed The Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act (PAHPA) -- signed into law by then-president George W. Bush -- prioritizing the production and stockpiling...
The COVID-19 Chronicles: Why Coronavirus And Censorship Don’t Mix
As the COVID-19 takes over mainstream media, we wonder: why all the censorship?
How To Grow A Superfood Victory Garden
Americans are facing the same questions about food security that led to a nationwide boom in Victory Gardens during World War II. This dovetails with growing concern around the safety...
Where Media Matters Gets It Wrong On Colloidal Silver And Conspiracy Theories
On April 3, the website Media Matters for America published an article with the headline, “An online health magazine with over 100,000 Facebook followers is selling colloidal silver as a...
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