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The Impact Of Pathogenic Priming On COVID-19
Pathogenic priming is a biological process. In this process, specific antigen proteins in a pathogen prime immune system cells.
State Of Emergency In Australia: The New Normal?
Australians, like me, are viewed as a well-behaved nation who obeyed strict lockdown rules. However, the truth is a different story.
The BioMat®: Far Infrared Therapy With An Ion Boost
The BioMat may come to the rescue in this case, as a device that may improve our health while we’re sleeping
Medicinal Uses Of Honey In Traditional Indian Remedies
In the ancient Indian medical texts, eight kinds of honeybees are described as producing medicinal honey fit for consumption.
VLCK: Toss the Calories with Ketosis
Bengaluru-based Udit Kumar was just 26 when he knew he had a problem. At his age, the young man weighed a whopping 348 lbs. After being a sportsman in his...
COVID-19 Long Haulers: The Unexpected Prolonged Effects Of The Novel Coronavirus
What happens when you finally test negative for COVID-19 after a long battle to recovery, only to have lingering effects? This is the struggle that many coronavirus patients are facing...
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mindfulness to treat anxiety

Using Mindfulness To Treat Anxiety The Natural Way

Mindfulness isn’t limited to sitting alone meditating. Sometimes it takes some creativity and thinking out-of-the-box. Crocheting is a way to practice mindfulness to help treat anxiety with or without the use of medications.