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Is The Samoan Measles Outbreak Fabricated? Mass Vaccination Prevails/ Inquiry Shelved
Was the Samoan Measles Outbreak fabricated? Is this an opportunity for Merck to dump the rest of its faulty vaccine? 
How A Good Night’s Sleep Can Guard Against Dementia
It turns out that deep sleep could protect against disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, a common form of dementia.
The 5 Most Harmful Ingredients in Vaccines
The public is still concerned about the harmful ingredients in vaccines while continually being fed told they’re safe and effective.
Could Changing Your Diet Heal Depression?
Conventional medicine tells us that depression and other mental health conditions are caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, which must be managed by medication and psychotherapy. This does...
Why Steroid Injections For Joint Pain Are Worse Than We Thought
A new study from suggests that the long-standing conventional wisdom of steroids being good for joint pain may not be so wise after all. 
California Law Forces Medically Fragile Children To Vaccinate
The passing of SB 276 and its trailer bill SB 714 calls for the elimination of nearly all medical exemptions for school vaccinations.
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How To Get Really Wet Naturally: 6 Simple Ways

Studies have shown that sexual dysfunction is more common among women than men, and that 50 percent of women report issues with staying wet naturally. So what happens when your lady parts don’t behave the way you want them to? Why do some women have a hard time getting wet?


Remote Neurofeedback: Hack Your Brain From Anywhere In The World

While living in Costa Rica in January 2019, I befriended someone who’d suffered neurological issues from cerebral malaria. Using neurofeedback, Starr was able to detect that entire regions of his brain were completely asleep, and he then used neurofeedback to help wake them up.

Golden Globes 2019

Dodging Needles At The Golden Globes 2019

During the Golden Globe 2019 telecast, hosts Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh brought out an army of workers “from the Echo Park Rite Aid,” armed with needles, to vaccinate audience members with the flu shot.

AMPK enzyme

7 Incredible Benefits Of The AMPK Enzyme

Researchers and self-hackers are constantly searching for answers to an important question: How can humans combat the dreaded aging process and increase longevity? Surprisingly, they are discovering that one answer lies within an energy balancing enzyme that already exists in each and every one of your trillions of cells — the AMPK enzyme.


Mad For NAD+ — 4 Ways To Reverse Aging

It’s called NAD+ and is getting researchers and users excited for its myriad of health benefits including looking and feeling younger. Find out here what NAD+ can do for you and how to get more of it in your system.



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