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Does Fluoride Impair Brain Development?
A new study adds to the case against fluoride’s safe and popular image. It turns out that high levels of exposure can lower children’s IQ.
From Aura to Algorithm: The Search For A Universal Healing Principle
When she was five years old, she tried to heal her mother by shaping the colors of her aura. Are auras the universal healing prinicple?
Could The Ketogenic Diet Be A New Hope In The Fight Against Cancer?
The ketogenic diet is popular among those aiming to lose weight or increase their physical fitness. New research shows that it may be a useful addition to the treatment of...
Plant-Based Diets May Be What You Need To Protect Cardiovascular Health
A new study has found that plant-based diets can benefit cardiovascular health, and overall health.
11 Signs You’ve Been Exposed To Water Damage
The implications of water damage and mold are much more dangerous and common than we think. Mold growth often occurs in hard-to-see places.
Vaping Is Not The Safe Alternative It’s Cracked Up To Be
Despite vaping being promoted as a safer and trendier alternative to smoking, it could be just as hazardous to your health as smoking cigarettes.
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skin care device

Should You Invest In A Skin Care Device?

The lure of youthful, glowing skin is perpetually enticing. Throw in advancements with skin  care technology, and the credit cards go flying.  Skin care devices – the newest development in skin care – are savvy devices that promise personalized just-for-you skin analysis technology.

Lectin Levels in Foods

5 Easy Ways To Combat Lectin Levels In Foods

These lectin-reducing techniques may help reduce various health problems. Whether you are overly stressed, eating a poor diet, or have chronic conditions, reducing lectins is a step in the right direction.

are lectins really bad

Are Lectins Really Bad Or Is It All Hype?

As with many things in the nutritional world, lectins are not fully understood. Research, however, indicates that they have a way of disrupting our bodies. As a defense mechanism crafted by Mother Nature, lectins are doing their job, but when consumed to excess, there is strong evidence that they can cause havoc. In other words, it’s possible that lectins are really bad for you if you aren’t careful about how you consume them.

a long life

Biohackers Manual: A 5 Step Protocol For A Long Life

Have you been searching for they keys to a healthy and long life? Biohackers are leading the charge in discovering the secrets to optimal health and longevity. Discover the five steps that are helping people unlock these secrets to a better life.

CoQ10 benefits

CoQ10 Benefits: An Amazing Antioxidant For Cellular Energy

Coenzyme Q10 is emerging as a power player among antioxidants, supporting our health and even possibly having an impact on reversing heart disease and other chronic conditions, including kidney disease, Parkinson’s disease, migraines, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, and gum disease.

women depressed and considering alternative to antidepressants

Alternatives To Antidepressants: Do They Really Work?

Anxiety and depression are epidemics. Antidepressants don’t work for everyone. It’s time to consider alternatives to antidepressants and discover how these five biotypes of depression play a factor in suffering and healing.

how hydrogen water impacts sleep

Discover How Hydrogen Water Impacts Sleep For The Better

In order to understand how hydrogen water impacts sleep, we first need to understand some of the key reasons why our sleep suffers, and then we need to break down the benefits of both the molecular hydrogen and the highly bioavailable magnesium delivered in the tablets.

metformin weight loss

Metformin Weight Loss Benefits: A Surprising Side Effect

Metformin, a “wonder drug” that was approved by the FDA in 1995, is best known for its reputation as a treatment for Type 2 diabetes. It’s also showing promise for helping people struggling to lose weight, with a connection between metformin and weight loss being found in many cases.



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