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Research Links Adverse Childhood Experiences To Accelerated Aging: Are There Implications for COVID-19?
Adverse childhood experiences have more than just mental and emotional effects. Growing up with abuse and violence during a time when we have very little power over our lives also...
The Hydroxychloroquine Controversy: Part 1
Breaking down the controversial use of hydroxychloroquine to combat COVID-19.
How Flavonoids Give Chocolate Its Place In Healthy Desserts
Conventionally viewed as an indulgent treat, chocolate may seem like one of the last foods that could benefit heart health. However, chocolate could have its place in healthy desserts after...
No Surprise! Emergent BioSolutions To Profit From The Novel Virus Pandemic (Part 2)
Unveiling the loss of civil liberties through Emergent BioSolutions profiteering acts during the novel virus pandemic.
The CDC Quietly Admits The Truth About Our COVID-19 Death Toll
In late August, the CDC updated their numbers to show that only a small fraction of deaths had COVID-19 as the sole cause.
No Surprise! Emergent BioSolutions To Profit From The Novel Virus Pandemic (Part 1)
How did Emergent BioSolutions come to dominate the vaccine industry, and is this problematic for the future?
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Is Soybean Oil Bad For You? 

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